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Substrate Material: Optical Glass, Floating Glass, Fused Silica, Aluminum, Copper, etc.
Shape: Round, Rectangle, Polygon, etc.
Surface: Flat, Spherical, Cylindrical, Ellipsoid, etc.
Dielectric Coating: UV, VIS, NIR, Reflectivity>99%
Metal Coating: Aluminum, Silver, Gold, Enhanced Aluminum,etc.



Lightweight mirror is a kind of special mirror which can get the desired mirror surface, but also lighten the whole weight to broaden the application scene. We use CNC machine to remove the unexpected material from the back surface of mirror, but not affect the mirror surface specification. Especially working with our 18 Zygo interferometer, we can ensure a good reflecting surface for our customer but also reach a reasonable light weight for the special applications.



Aerospace, systems that need lower weight.



Diameter reach to 600mm

Weight reduction 50%-70%


Material: Fused Silica, Silicon, SiC, Zerodur, N-BK7, etc.


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