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Make various precision optical components, including photomasking on glass and some infrared material, etching and painting on glass material. Products at micron level can meet customer¡¯s specific requirement on usage.


- Line thickness as small as 2 um
- Glue halves to make partial illuminated patterns
- Component size from 1.5mm to 310mm
- Make pattern on some spherical surface


- Space Technology
- Sports Optics
- Microscopy
- Gratings
- Medical Instruments
- Electronic Industry
- Measurement Engineering


High-precision mask: flat panel display industry (FPD), circuit board industry (PCB), light-emitting diode (LED), Integrated Circuits (IC), discrete devices and fine optical components industry.
More applications products industry are as follows:
- applied in LCD-STN, LCD-CSTN, LCD-TFT, CF, VFD, OLED, TP and other flat panel display industry (FPD) of the large-size high-precision chrome mask
- applied in PCB-HDI, FPC, Lead Frame circuit boards and other related industries chrome version of the large size of mask and dry version of mask;
- applied to discrete devices, LED, MEMS, IC-Bumping, IC-Foundry and other IC related industries chrome version of the small and medium size mask;
- applied in optical devices, encoders, calibration plates, grating, and other fine optical industry chrome version of the small size of mask.


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