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Fiber Optic Faceplate













Fiber optic plate has features of high transmitting efficiency,

little loss of inter-eletrode coupling, clear image transmission

and reality as well as the input and output window in lowlight

level image intensifiers. It plays an important role in improving

the image quality; it’s widely used in all kinds of CRTS, camera

tubes, CCD coupling and other instruments and some other

apparatus requiring image transmitting.

1. Fiber Size: ≤6μm
2. Numerical Aperture: ≥1
3. Vacuum Tightness: ≤1.33×10-11Pa.m3.He/s
4. Average Thermal Expansion Coefficient
5. Collimated light Transmissivity: ≥65%
   Lambertian Light Transmissivity: ≥57%
6. Shear Distortion: ≤30μm
7. Gross Distortion: ≤40μm
8. Frame Runout: ≤100μm


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