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Square and Round Window
Material: Optical Glass, Floating Glass, Fused Silica, etc.
Size: up to 300mm
Transmitted Wavefront: PV0.05 wave at 632.8nm
Surface Quality: 60/40
Parallelism: 2 arc seconds

Ultra-thin Substrates
Material: Optical Glass, Floating Glass, Fused Silica, etc.
Size: Up to 50mm
Thinnest Thickness: 0.30.05mm
Surface Quality: 40/20

Optical Disc
Material: Optical Glass
Form: Square and Round
Biggest Size: 300mmx206mm, or Dia300mm
Thickness: 5-20mm0.1mm
Surface Quality: 60/40

Glass Master Substrate
The glass master substrates are used for the mastering of LD, CD, VCD, DVD, CD-ROM, HD in laser beam recorder and also can be applied as the substrate for computer hard disc, optical grating and reflecting mirror.
Size: D160-D240mm (0.1 to 0.5mm)
Center Thickness: 1.3-5.9mm (0.05 to 0.1mm)
Surface Quality: Zero order
Flatness: 0.01mm
Roughness: 20A
Parallelism: 0.02mm
Chamfer: 0.2x45
Cleaness Grade: 100 grade

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